We Haven’t Forgotten About You!

So… it’s been All Quiet On The WriteOnCon Front these last couple of months–but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about you!

We’ve all just been a little slammed catching up on all the things we fell a bit behind on during the summer conference. But we have some exciting things we’ve been meaning to share.

First, we want to thank you guys again for making WriteOnCon 2011 a WAY bigger success than we EVER imagined. Here’s a few secret statistics we thought we’d share to give you guys some idea of the EPIC levels you helped us reach:

Average Daily Attendees: 15,500 

Total Web Traffic for the entire week: Almost 10,000,000 unique hits 

And no–that’s not a typo. Trust us, we all had a hard time wrapping our head around that too, but those are the REAL numbers. Which is absolutely AMAZING. Seriously you guys, we can’t thank you enough for your amazing support!

We’ve also gotten wind of our first official Summer Conference Success Story! Huge congrats to Isaiah Campbell for signing with the lovely and incredible Marietta Zacker with Nancy Gallt Literary after connecting with her through WriteOnCon!

*tosses confetti*

We LOVE hearing those kind of success stories–it’s seriously why we do this. So if any of you have any good news that’s come from our Conference, please let us know! Drop us an email at WriteOnCon (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll celebrate with you!!!

And speaking of success stories, one of our very own Organizers shared some epic news of her own. Shannon Messenger announced her deal with Liesa Abrams at Simon & Schuster Aladdin for 3 books in a new middle grade series launching in Fall 2012. You can read the deal’s write-up in Publishers Weekly HERE. And you can find Shannon’s post about the news HERE.

*more confetti*

So yes, lots of exciting things going on here at WriteOnCon. And we promise we have many more to come. We WILL be hosting special live events again–we’re in the process of getting some organized–so keep an eye out for announcements about that.

And in the meantime, if you’re looking to seriously improve your craft, there is an amazing live-and-in-person Writer’s Conference coming up in December that you may want to consider attending. The Andrea Brown Literary Agency–which has had MANY of their fabulous agents participate as WriteOnCon faculty–hosts the Big Sur Children’s Writer’s Workshop twice a year. It’s not a free conference, but the price is more than fair considering how much you get (two of the WriteOnCon Organizers–Shannon and Jamie–have attended in the past and loved it!). So if you have a work in progress that you would like to get in-depth round table critiques on from industry professionals, we highly recommend you consider attending. But don’t wait too long to decide–their remaining slots are filling up quick! Go HERE for more info.

And… that’s all for now. But we promise we have more to come soon. Thank you guys again for all your love and support!

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