WriteOnCon 2012 — Live FORUM EVENT Instructions

We really got our groove on in the forums last year, and this year we want to bring the party again! In addition to our live chats (click here to get further details on how those work), we’ll be doing Live Forum Events as well.

Each of these events will take place in our forum—which is how you register for the conference. Click here to go to the forum to register, if you haven’t already.

Then, once you’re in the forum, you’re welcome to get your crazy on in the appropriate areas.

During our LIVE FORUM EVENTS, though, we encourage non-crazy behavior. We encourage reading and direction-following, so you can get the most out of the forum experiences.

Each Forum Event will have a specific topic or area, from an open Question & Answer session to posting pitches/query letters for a specified amount of time.

What you’ll do:
1. Check the schedule (below) for Live Forum Events and topics.
2. Prepare your query letters/pitches/questions. We encourage you to do this in advance for the forum events you wish to attend. (That’s why we’re announcing it now.)
3. Check the appropriate thread in the forum for further details—read and follow them carefully so our forum moderators don’t have to delete your entry.
4. Remember your manners. Please don’t engage in hurtful behavior toward an industry professional because of feedback they might leave in the forum. Remember, publishing is SO SUBJECTIVE, and these pros are donating their time to give you their experience/expertise.

Please don’t worry if you won’t be around for the Live Forum Events. Reading the feedback/answers agents give to other people can be just like getting it yourself. All of our forum events will be in the forum for your viewing pleasure long after the conference is over.

Live Forum Events Schedule (subject to change):
Monday, August 13:

    • Call for queries for literary agent Peter Knapp’s Tuesday event
    • Call for submissions for author Gennifer Albin’s Building Better Sentences workshop (Wednesday event)
    • Call for submissions PB Queries for Emma Walton Hamilton’s Tuesday event
    • Ninja Agent queries can be posted

Tuesday, August 14:

    • Tuesday, August 14, 8:30 AM (EDT): Live Picture Book Query Critique event with bestselling author Emma Walton Hamilton (previously submitted)
    • Tuesday, August 14, 10 AM (EDT): Live Query Pitch event with literary agent Peter Knapp (previously submitted)
    • Tuesday, August 14, 11 AM (EDT): Call for questions on Social Media/Blogging with literary agent Pamela van Hylckma Vlieg
    • Tuesday, August 14, 12:15 PM (EDT): Live Picture Book Stanza Critiqes by authors Corey Schwartz and Tiffany Streliz-Haber
    • Tuesday, August 14, 4 PM (EDT): Call for questions + Twitter-style pitches for Entangled editors Stacy Abrams, Heather Howland, and Alycia Tornetta

Wednesday, August 15:

  • Wednesday, August 15, 11:15 AM (EDT): Live Q&A with literary agent Pamela van Hylckma Vlieg on Social Media/Blogging
  • Wednesday, August 15, 1 PM (EDT): Live critiques on Building Better Sentences with author Gennifer Albin (previously submitted)
  • Wednesday, August 15, 4 PM (EDT): Live Q&A + Twitter-style pitches for Entangled editors Stacy Abrams, Heather Howland, and Alycia Tornetta (previously submitted)

I told you there was a lot going on in the forums! Questions? Leave them for us here!

Things you might have missed:

15 thoughts on “WriteOnCon 2012 — Live FORUM EVENT Instructions”

  1. Where events are labeled as calls for submissions, how can we find out what types of works can be submitted? Will there be guidelines in the call on the scheduled date? How long a submission window will there be?

  2. Hey Abbe!

    You can find out by reading the guidelines in the respective threats, though the titles of the forum threads will also give you an idea what can be submitted. The submission window will be a little less than 24 hours. :) So hopefully plenty of time. The threads will be up some time this week, so enough time for you to check them out ahead of the submission time and prepare everything!

  3. I’m assuming that at some point (possibly in the threads for the forum events) we’ll find out which events are for polished manuscripts and which are for WIP ::hopeful look::

    You guys rock!

  4. Well, most of the forum live events are for critiques of your work, be that a pitch or a query. Some agents/editors may choose to ask for more when they like what they see, some will just crit what they see, so it’s hard to label what is for WIPs and what isn’t. Though obviously the events held by authors won’t get requests from them.

  5. Is there any way to get this Sociable bar off the page? It covers up the text and I can’t find a way to close it. I’m running down three lines at a time to read the page.


  6. Lauren, if you click on the little arrows pointing to the left (off the screen), that Sociable bar will suck into itself. It drives me a bit batty too! It’s way over on the left side, in the gray part that says “Sociable.”

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  9. Hi all,

    Will we be able to post work for critiques by our peers prior to the “call for submissions” as we have in the past?

  10. Unless my calendar is wrong… Monday is August 12th, Tuesday is the 13th and Wednesday is the 14th. You have it for Monday the 13th, Tuesday the 14th and Wednesday the 15th.

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