WriteOnCon 2012 and LIVE Events

Dude, the schedule for WriteOnCon 2012 is shaping up to be longer, better, and LIVER than ever! That’s right, we have live events scheduled throughout each day of the conference—just like last year!

I hope you’ve bought yourself a nice new pair of pjs. And that you’re ready to wear them non-stop on Tuesday, August 14 and Wednesday, August 15. If you have a day job — or no pj’s — don’t worry! You can access ALL of our live events after the conference. Transcripts last forever, and might just be better than diamonds…

Too far? Fine. Onto the live event details!

Today, you’ll get the details for how the live events (NOT Forum Events–more coming on those soon!) will work.
1. About 30 minutes before a scheduled live event, a window will be posted in a blog post on the main WriteOnCon site.
2. You can log in, but it’s not required to participate or ask a question.
3. Each of the live chats has an assigned topic, and one of the WriteOnCon girls will be moderating.
4. Questions can be submitted any time once the live chat window opens.
5. Questions need to be asked ONLY ONCE. You won’t see your comment come through, but on our end, the comments are visible and we have behind-the-scenes WOC girls putting them on hold. (This is called the WriteOnCon Underbelly. It is a fascinating place.)
6. The moderator of the chat will put through as many questions as possible for the WriteOnCon faculty member(s) to answer. We really try to put forth the questions as fast as possible, from as many of you as possible.
7. Pitching/Querying is not appropriate for live chats.
8. If you cannot attend one of the live events, a transcript will be available afterward, in the same blog post as the live window.

That’s it! If you have questions about how the live events will work, leave them for us here.


Tuesday, August 14:

  • 2:00 PM: Author Denise Jaden and literary agent Michelle Humphrey discuss the author/agent relationship
  • 4:00 PM: Live chat with editor Liesa Abrams and literary agent Jen Rofe
  • 9:00 PM: Live Panel of Professionals — literary agents Mollie Glick, Cheryl Pientka, and Emily Keyes, and editor Sarah Barley

Wednesday, August 15

  • 2:00 PM: Author Megan Miranda and literary agent Sarah Davies
  • 9:00 PM: Live Panel of Professionals — literary agents Katie Grimm and Sarah LaPolla, and editors Sara Sargent and Alison Weiss

It’s gonna rock your world. Meanwhile keeping watching the blog as we continue to detail our live FORUM events, which is where you’ll be able to pitch, get feedback, and share a virtual drink with everyone attending the conference!

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10 thoughts on “WriteOnCon 2012 and LIVE Events”

  1. Last year, I did not get to take advantage of all the wonder and magic that is WriteOn Con. However, this year, I’ve taken off work and prepping to get a special set of PJ’s to layabout in so I am here at my computer for all fantastic-ness. Bring it on! Woot!

  2. You might want to put LIVE’er or LIVELIER rather than LIVER–unless you got onions to go with that :)

    Did anyone else read it wrong the first time?


  3. I’m going to be on our family holiday with all my husband’s extended family as we celebrate his 40th…but hey, he’s not actually 40 until October and there’s going to be a ton of people and a swimming pool. They can entertain themselves whilst I get on-line;-) hope the Internet connection works okay…..

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