Pitch-Fest Details Below

Get ready for the “Perfect Your Pitch” workshop, being held in the WriteOnCon Pitch-Fest forums from February 18 – March 10. We’ll have links, posts, advice, and tips from some of publishing’s top professionals. The direct link to the Expert Board is HERE.

The forums will be open for CRITIQUE during this workshop. This is the time to perfect your pitch, pinpoint your genre, and get ready to submit to the Pitch-Fest (submissions aren’t until March 10! Get the submission form/reminder right in your email inbox by subscribing to our newsletter).

Want to know the agents that are participating? You know you do! We’ve got:

  • Alyssa Eisner-Henkin, Trident Literary
  • Amy Tipton, Signature Literary
  • Brianne Johnson, Writer’s House
  • Dawn Frederick, Red Sofa Literary
  • Eddie Schneider, JABberwocky Literary
  • Jason Yarn, Paradigm Literary
  • Jennifer Flannery, Flannery Literary
  • Kathleen Rushall, Marsal Lyon Literary
  • Logan Garrison, The Gennert Company
  • Mollie Glick, Foundry Media
  • Peter Knapp, Park Literary
  • Sara Crowe, Harvey Klinger

That’s 12 of the best literary agents in the business! They’ll each be reading and commenting on 25 pitches each, so those of you who are good at math know that’s 300 pitches. Genres are still being ironed out, but we do have the following genres confirmed:

  • MG/YA contemporary
  • New Adult
  • YA girl-centric
  • Historical MG/YA
  • Humorous MG/YA
  • Gothic MG/YA
  • MG/YA Thrillers
  • MG/YA Fantasy
  • YA Horror
  • YA Science Fiction
  • YA Suspense
  • Literary MG
  • YA Magic Realism
  • MG Mysteries

More details to come, so keep an eye on your inboxes–or right here at the WOC site! If you’re hoping to participate, grab our Pitcher badge and blog about the Mid-Winter Pitch-Fest!


Questions? Leave them in the comments or email us at writeoncon@gmail.com.

5 thoughts on “Pitch-Fest Details Below”

  1. Can someone please tell me the difference between magical realism and fantasy? Would MR be more grounded in the “real” word than fantasy? Thanks! So looking forward to the pitchfest!!!

  2. I think you’ve got the right idea. If you’re not sure which genre your pitch belongs in, that’s definitely something to ask during the workshop. You’ve got some time to fine tune the pitch as well as the genre!

    Good luck!!!

  3. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this! :-)

    One question for you: if we’re not fortunate enough to be one of those whose pitch is randomly chosen to be reviewed, will there be any other opportunities to present our pitches?

  4. Is it maybe Brianne Johnson from Writers House? As someone who often has her name misspelled, I don’t think it’s a major deal, but it’s always nice when it’s spelled correctly. :) Also, love all the help and tips and tricks. I could get lost in here!

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